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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Calling All DJs

This just in from your pals at WRUV 90.1FM:

Come One Come All

What: WRUV Staff & DJ Training

Where: CC Theater, under the Ira Allen Chapel (around the back of
Billings) on University Place

When: JUNE 7th @ 5pm sharp! We traditionally lock out latecomers to
emphasize the importance of being punctual when DJing. (But if I were
running late, I would still try to make it.)

Why: We ONLY offer training 3 times a year. You MUST attend this meeting
to get all the information about the subsequent training sessions,
shadowing details, WRUV manual & demo tape/CD specifics. We don't
have a lot of rules, so we are very particular when it comes to
following the few — read: important — we do have.

Whether you are a student, a graduate or have absolutely no affiliation
with the University of Vermont, if you have an interest in
non-commercial radio we invite you to see what WRUV is all about.

You may have heard us on your radio, streamed over the internet
or through the ceiling speakers of the Davis Center/Tunnel. Now this is
your chance to be heard, whether via a talk show, educational program, news
program, instructional program, new music show, international music
show, traditional music show, comedy show . . . the possibilities are
endless.  Also, if you are shy or have no interest in actually BEING a
DJ, after this first meeting you can find out how to become a "Friend
of WRUV" and get the same perks as trained WRUV DJs.


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