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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Jazz Guys: They Rock, You Decide

A couple of a weeks ago, Burlington's crown princes of pop, The Jazz Guys, took the local interwebs community by storm with a great cover and video of "Single Ladies," the recent chart scorcher by pop diva Beyoncé. If you haven't seen it yet — or simply wish to relive the glory — here it is again.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my SoundBites column two weeks ago, they are itchin' to get back into the studio and do it all again. The only hitch: they need your help to figure out which song they should lampoon next. Decisions, decisions.

Below is a list of five songs the band is currently considering. Take a look, cast your vote and in a couple of weeks, The JGs promise to rock our worlds yet again with another funny tune — and maybe a copyright infringement lawsuit.



popular song

I've never even heard any of those songs. come on jazz guys. you're better than this.


no idea what any of these songs are


by all means please submit your own, cuz' i've never heard any of these songs either!

Jason Trachtenburg

I vote for Amish Paradise by Weird Al Yankovich


I also vote for Amish Paradise.


If it's Amish, it's my Paradise.


Amish Paradise.


Yes, Amish Paradise please.


Amish Paradise does have the most artistic merit out of the bunch. Please cover it.

matt hagen

Dare to be Stupid...

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