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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Never Cry Wolff

Since today's paper hit newsstands this morning, I have had an usually high volume of responses in regard to certain pieces in the music section. A few have been to congratulate me on quitting smoking, which I appreciate, even if I don't entirely understand the sentiment. It's not like I got married or had a kid or something. Still, the support is nice. Thanks!

The remaining comments have almost entirely been in regard to a spotlight I wrote about Wolff, a Tuba-centric rock duo from New York City, appearing at the Monkey House this Saturday with The Cave Bees and The Smittens. Here's what I wrote:

A Boy and His Tuba :: On the surface, New York City’s Wolff could appear as nondescript as any number of rock acts du jour. Hell, they even boast a name semi-ironically evocative of an animal. But the duo stands out in one big, shiny way: the tuba. Employing all manner of effects-pedal wizardry, bandleader Brian Wolff (get it?) uses the brass behemoth as both a melodic vehicle and a percussive tool. Oh, he sings through it, too. But here’s the really crazy part. As critics from the Village Voice to the New Yorker have noted, it works, and makes for a live show the likes of which you’ve probably never seen. Catch Wolff this Saturday at the Monkey House with local favorites The Smittens and Cave Bees

Most of the day's inquiries can be characterized as some version of the following: "OK, Bolles. You got me. I'm interested. Tell me more."

Don't mind if I do! Although, I think in this case it might be better to show you. So what follows are two clips from Wolff's MySpace page. The first is sort of an introduction to the man, the myth, the tuba. The second is footage from a recent performance at Piano's in NYC. I hope you enjoy 'em. And if you still have questions, just swing by the Monkey on Saturday.



FX 初心者

Oh, great music, I like it very much.

So I have to practise myself too.


thanks for reminding folks about our show! Tomorrow night can't get here soon enough!


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