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Monday, March 15, 2010

Midd Kids These Days

Just in case you were wondering what $50K a year to go to Middlebury College gets you …


Jackie Cain

But what's your take on the video, Mr. Bolles? Can't quite see any analysis here, only cheeky sarcasm.

Personally, I think these Midd Kids deserve mad propz for not only a professional-quality track and video, but also a pretty spot-on satire of what truly does come with a liberal arts education these days.

dan bolles

You don't see any analysis because I wasn't offering any. I feel the vid pretty much stands on its own. But since you asked …

I think it's great — otherwise I wouldn't have posted it. The production values of both the film and music are first rate. And the lyrics are catchy and clever. I agree, Jackie. It's a smart satire, indeed.

My only quibble is the blatant ripoff of Lonely Island's "I'm On a Boat" at the bridge. I get that the whole song is a pop pastiche. But so is "I'm On A Boat." So why send up a send up? Still, that's a minor gripe.

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