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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Real Skinny

In my column this week, I mentioned that beginning this weekend, cozy Burlington creperie The Skinny Pancake would be taking an "intermission" until April. That's true. They are. What I didn't mention is that said intermission actually begins on Sunday, and that the 'cake does have two shows scheduled before they close their doors. Whoops! Anyhoo … 

Tonight, Seth Gallant and Maryse Smith take the stage for some singer-y songwriter-y sweetness. So if you're looking for a place to escape the madness of, um, March Madness that will surely grip downtown Burlington this evening, you could do worse. (Go Cats Go!)

And speaking of Gallant, the In Memory of Pluto front man will be at Radio Bean on Saturday playing with a new group called (at least for now) The Dirty Watts. According to Gallant, the band features members of IMOP, Cannon Fodder and "a dude that works at City Market." (Point of order: how many local bands don't feature a dude who works at City Market?) And just what does the new group sound like? Gallant writes, "The music is like the Rolling Stones' album Beggars Banquet." Giddyup.

Back to the 'cake, tomorrow night, Turkish-Balkan outfit Lokum will rock the joint's last show until April. According to an email from owner Benjy Adler, SP isn't expanding their footprint, but will essentially be re-imagining the layout to make it more conducive to table service and, one would guess, live music. And also, more Dan Bolles-themed crepes …

My apologies for the confusion/omissions. And here's wishing everyone a great (and warm!) weekend.


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