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Thursday, April 15, 2010

On a Bender

Welcome to yet another installment of "I Heart the Monkey House." Today's episode is brought to you by local indie promoters MSR Presents , PBR tallboys and San Fran indie outfit The Morning Benders, whom I heart almost as much as the Monkey. Maybe more. But I'm certainly not the only one.

The MBs' latest album Big Echo, is blog geek tested and Pitchfork approved. The ensuing buzz has landed the band high profile gigs a-plenty, including summer fests such as Lollapalooza in Chicago and Osheaga in Montreal. On their current tour, they are playing a number of impressive, name-droppable venues, including a pair of sold-out shows at NYC's Mercury Lounge, the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Chicago's Vic Theater and the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR.

Oh … and The Monkey House this Friday.

In tandem with the Osheaga announcement today, the band released a video for "Promises," from Big Echo. Here it is in all its deliciously hazy Cali pop glory. Enjoy. And if you like that, try this on for size.

PS- Happy Jackie Robinson Day.

PPS- Happy Tax Day?

PPPS- Happy Birthday, Tyler! 30 is the new 21, little brother.


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