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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bieber Fever

It's hard to believe, but the Champlain Valley Fair is right around the corner. Though it's easy to overlook amid the maelstrom of funnel cakes, pig races, giant veggies and carnies, the fair offers a sampling of music unique among the typical fare found gracing area stages the rest of the year. This year should prove to be no different. The lineup includes country star Keith Urban, legendary comedian/parental guru Bill Cosby, Weezer (really?) and Lyle Lovett.

But of course, the biggest little star in the Midway this year is none other than tween heartthrob, Justin Bieber. To that end, I humbly submit the Great Seven Days Justin Bieber Preview of 2010. Enjoy. [Note from the Solid State legal team: Hilarious or not, 7D in no way endorses hurling projectiles at underage pop singers.]


Tyler Machado

That's nothing, Bieber. I saw Pavement at the Osheaga festival a couple weeks ago, and Stephen Malkmus got hit with a FULL plastic cup of beer in the middle of "Stereo". Dude finished the song without missing a beat, and didn't even throw a shitfit at the end of it. He just played the rest of the show with a wet shirt and a sticky guitar.

The Jumbotron cameraman found the guy who threw the beer, though, which proved for a nice moment of public humiliation and may have resulted in his getting his ass kicked. Who can afford to throw a $6.75 beer, anyway?


Try being Les Claypool on any night Primus plays. He is constantly getting things thrown at him just because people think it's funny.

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