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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We've Secretly Replaced Split Tongue Crow With …

There's a theory circulating among culture pundit that the way bands become commercially successful these days is no longer via radio play or touring, but ad placements. There's some truth to the idea. Turn on the tube and wait for a commercial break, and you're bound to hear a hot new indie band or two being used to plug a Kia or Target superstore. In fact, music from every act nominated for a Grammy in the "Best Alternative Rock Album" category appeared in a commercial hawking something in 2010. 

Typically, ad folks will pull just a catchy tune from a band's catalog to suit their Don Draper-esque needs. But what if companies commissioned bands specifically to write, or rework an existing jingle?

Coffee giant Folgers recently put out a call for musicians to rework their well-known jingle for a chance at $25K and an appearance in a Folgers commercial. Rutland indie-folk outfit Split Tongue Crow answered the bell. Here's their entry:



David Anderson

Yes, this is a weird place to find yourself as a band sometimes. You play music for the enjoyment and because you believe in the music that you write and perform. Yet, if you haven't noticed lately bands do not generate income the same ways they used to, at least at the same level. People aren't buying albums anymore, they're buying tracks, if they are buying the music at all. Merchandising is also declining.

That said, we as a band strongly believe that if you write and perform great music people will want to hear and experience it. Folgers on the other hand is well...from my humble opinion it is something you do every once in a while to help your cause. The big question is "does this dilute the truly potent music that a band creates?". I do believe it can but I also believe that this is where our commodity-based society has pushed things. Sometimes a band needs to ask themselves if a commercial musical endevor is still a better alternative to a day job.

If you would like to book Split Tongue Crow for your 8 year old's circus-themed birthday party call Matt at 802-585-5240 (kidding people!).

Split Tongue Crow


Well said, David.

Dan Bolles

And here I thought it was just a clever take on the jingle!

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