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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pickin' Daysies

Hey ho, Solid State.

It's time once again for your friendly neighborhood alt-weekly to compile the ballot for this year's Seven Daysies Awards. And, as we do most years, we're looking for ways to mix up some of the categories. This being a music-ish blog, I'm specifically looking for ways we can better represent the scene as a whole, and maybe introduce a few new faces into the winner's circle along side the perennial favorites — Higher Ground, Grace Potter, etc.

So, if you could, what categories would you add to our existing awards? Which existing ones would you eliminate altogether, or perhaps alter? Inquiring minds want to know.  


Drew Brinckerhoff

Top Record Label!!!!

Nick Concklin

Best Electronic Music Promoter/Best Indie Music Promoter


I second the "best local record label" and "Best Independent Promoter" ideas; those are great ones. Other ideas:

1) Best in-house PA/soundsystem at a small club
2) Most welcoming to new or avant-garde bands
3) Venue most supportive of local music acts


I believe that second hand furniture and antique stores should be separated each to their own categories. Hard for the antique stores to compete with Recycle North. Both are great for their own reasons.

Charlie Messing

Best Stage Lighting in a rock and roll club

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