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February 24, 2007

Stuck in Vermont 6: Blizzard

A_5 Sure, the Valentine's Day Blizzard (is that not the best name ever for a storm?) happened last week, but when you are REALLY Stuck in Vermont, it seems essential to vlog about it!

So here is a slightly overdue vlog detailing the transformation downtown Burlington underwent after the snow bomb exploded: snowdrifts as big as people, mountains of powdery goodness littering Church St, parking meters and cars encased in icy tombs and cryptic geometric shapes carving out pathways. 

There is something so magical about this winter wonderland that has encased the city. It is like nature is taking the reins back and reminding us who is boss. This is humbling and a little bit scary, the good kind of scary.

Most of the snow has been cleared away from Church St now and the postponed Mardi Gras parade went off without a hitch (well, maybe just the one hitch and it involved gyrating, lingerie-clad angels) but the snow still lingers.  Where will it go and when?

This vlog gives a little peak at Church St when it was a magical winter wonderland.  I talked to Chris Flanagan of Arrowhead Construction whose tireless crew had been working non-stop to plow out driveways (they even cleared the Flynn parking lot, thanks guys!).  Chris was good natured despite having only 8 hours of sleep for the three days that the blizzard did its worst damage. 

At the end of the interview, I told him the name of this vlog (unlike most people, he actually knew what a "vlog" is?!) and asked him if we were officially "Stuck in Vermont?"  He smiled and said, "Yeah, absolutely...but this is where we'd rather be stuck so..."

Made me glad to know that the vlog title (courtesy of Cathy's sharp brain) was finally making good!  Most excellent cheerful and tropical music provided by Bobby G (Bob Bushnell) and the above picture courtesy of Lani Stack.


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Michael Marion


Well done. I have a deep love of Burlington, VT. I've been lucky enough to visit your fair city three times... granted none have been in the winter. In fact on my first visit it was over 100 degrees. But that was perfect Church St weather.

The last time was this past July for a nation motorcycle rally (you may have noticed the huge number of bikes in and about town) that was held there... They let me attend eventhough I traded in my Teutonic two wheeler for something more southern European.

Anyways... it's great to see Church St in its pretty white blanket. It reminds me of the times I visited my family and friends in Ontario during the winter months. I recognized many of the shops in your video.

Question... What's the name of that great Thai resaturant at the south end of Church St??? I've dined there twice and can't remember the name!!!

Keep up the great work... you must be the hardest working person in Vermont.

Mike Marion

Eva Sollberger


Thanks so much for writing! I DO remember the motorcycle rally and marvelled at all the amazing bikes passing by. Oh, Church St in warm weather is so marvelous. All the restaurants open up and it is so lovely strolling up and down the cobblestoned street (reminds me of Montreal a bit) - as much as I love the snow, I can't wait!

Do you perhaps mean Bangkok Bistro? They have nice outdoor seating on Church St and tasty cocktails. Down the street is 5 Spice Cafe which sadly, recently burnt down and there is another Thai restaurant next door to them whose name I can't recall.

I am so glad Burlington has more ethnic cuisine these days. When I was a kid there was nothing, and I mean nothing in the way of ethnic food around these parts. But now I am happy to say we have tasty food, indie films, cool cafes, funky art and a more diverse population. I guess that is why I am "stuck" here!

Take care and visit again real soon!

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