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February 24, 2007

Stuck in Vermont 7: First 50

A_11 Friday night at 64 North St was hopping as artists and art lovers alike crowded into Kasini House for the opening of First 50.

First 50 is a true exercise in democracy as the first 50 artists to have their names drawn by lottery were featured in the show. 

As fast-talking, wunderkind Ric Kasini Kadour explained to me, despite the element of chance, there were many happy symmetries present: a mother and daughter team, a group of paintings by women exploring the female form, a picture of a son taken by a father and a picture of a father taken by a son (the latter is pictured above and is by photographer Matthew Thorsen).

Ric is amazingly articulate and entertaining and he can talk up art like nobody's business.  Editing his interview from 10 minutes down to 2 minutes seemed so wrong.  Ric's resume is impressive and there does not seem to be one bit of the VT art world that he does not have a finger in. 

It makes me so glad to know that Ric and Kasini House are here to bring more attention to Vermont artists, breathe some new life into North St and connect the Burlington arts scene to Montreal's.

A_10I also spoke to three of the artists featured, Yulia Goncharov, Damien Cross, and most likely the youngest person in the show, Evie Salisbury (pictured to the left).   

Evie was not too interested in answering my dull questions but within seconds she had commandeered my camera and was shooting footage for me.  My first intern!?  As an odd aside, I ran into Evie's parents at the Sonic Youth show Sunday.  I love this small town!

If you pay closeA_12 enough attention to the vlog, you may even see the piece of art by S.R.Wild who designed the Stuck in Vermont logo (to the right).   S.R. Wild is featured in the show and, if you were lucky, you got one of his handmade business cards Friday night.

The music is courtesy of the most awesome local band, The Jazz Guys who are hard at work on a new album and will hopefully show up in a very jazzy vlog real soon.  Have you seen their movies?  Very funny and neato special effects!

After the Kasini House opening, we popped in briefly to Studio STK which is just down the street and had fashions by Anthony Russo on display.  Margot and I spent money we do not have on funky, one-of-a-kind silk-screened clothes.  Anthony will be a having a fashion show at STK on March 23rd which I hope to vlog as well.

All in all, a lovely evening was had by all and it was a resounding success for Kasini House and the artists featured!  First 50 will be at Kasini House through March 10th, be sure to check it out!


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Great editing, and you finished it the next day? On a weekend?!? Hats off to ya.

Many thanks to Eva and Seven Days. SIV's now on my list of must-check blogs.

Caroline Tavelli-Abar

Eva you ROCK!

I love the whimsical, light hearted free video you created. Thank you for doing the show honor.

until next time
with love,

Eva Sollberger

Cool, thanks Nato and Caro (I think you guys need to start a band or something, your names sound like poetry!)

Nato, I think I might have put you in the SY vid? Yes? Did your poster say "Be Strange?" and were you wearing a green coat! hmmm...? Also, I spied on some of your music and really dig it, how would you feel about me using some of your music in the STVT vlog? Lemme know!

Caro, YOU ROCK! Thank you SO SO MUCH for talking to me and I am sorry I didn't end up using it in the final cut! It is really hard whittling an hour of footage down to 4 minutes (I get so attached to bits I have to cut!) but I really liked the story behind your painting. So glad to have been there, it's a great show!

PS I hope to get the STVT vlog up soon after the event occurs so there will be an element of immediate (kind of) gratification. This means I won't be sleeping anymore - I am ok with that though. I hear that sleep is a bit over-rated, really. ;)

ice core scientist

Hi eva
you brighten my day
I'm moving to Vermont!
Respect to the 50 artists!
take care

Eva Sollberger


You are welcome here anytime!
Me thinks Ireland and Vermont might be sister lands.
Both are so green and beautiful - you have the ocean and we have dear old Lake Champlain...
Ooh, you could start a Stuck in Ireland vlog and then our vlogs could be friends! ;)

xo Eva

Caroline Tavelli-Abar

Hi Eva :)

I am giggling because I am actually relieved the footage was not in the video, I felt so full of stage fright that I am glad that part got left out; and now I am really happy because I got an opportunity to practice 'speaking' and next time I will work to find a more centered spot to come from.

Your video is so full of life and joy it is a delight to see and to learn there is a way more fun way to approach public speaking :)

Many thanks for being you and for this wonderful opportunity to play too :)

Peace & Love


well miss eva've done it again! wonderful job!! and what a great concept; an entirely uncurated show...want to come down and vlog MASS MoCA?!? the travel budget would involve lunch with yours truly and a fluffy kitty and a comfy couch to sleep on...

sidenote: i swear to god i went to governor's institute for the arts with damien cross...something in my slightly photographic memory triggers yes...bizarre right? small world.



The First Fifty or Firehouse Open started at the Firehouse Gallery after a painting by Selene Colburn was censored back in the late 90's. After this incident... the following day the Firehouse gallery doors opened to the first fifty people with artworks as a way to replace Selene's show.

Eva Sollberger

Thank you Claire for the First 50 backstory. I think it is a great idea and hope this show isn't its last!

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