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February 28, 2007

Stuck in Vermont 8: Mardi Gras


Mardi_2 When Vermonters get tired of the long, never-ending winter, the annual Mardi Gras parade is a perfect way to shake loose those winter blues.  Colorful floats, crazy costumes, beads whizzing through the air and public alcohol consumption - what could be more fun? 

And even better, the proceeds benefit The Women's Rape Crisis Center so all those beads you buy go to a good cause.

Bob took great footage of the crowd from the vantage point of the Seven Days float and you can see it here!   Look closely and you might even find your own mug!

Mardi_5 I didn't get to ride the Seven Days float this year but had a good time walking/filming the parade with Alan and Bob and then going up high in the cherry picker for a bird's eye view.   The wayward Victor's Secret float nearly capsized us but all was well in the end.

Mardi_1_evaA great time was had by all, thanks Magic Hat for this great annual event!   I can almost feel my fingers again! Editing this montage brought the entire day back to me and it was hard sitting in my seat with the infectious beats of the drums and the screaming crowd. 

Mardi_4_alan I have to hand it to Alan Newman, not many people would have the guts to dress up in a purple feather costume and personally welcome the entire city to the Mardi Gras parade.  It is sort of like a modern-day take on Old Saint Nick but far more wicked and fewer elves.

Fabulous peppy music by Pretty and Nice, "Lazy, Lazy Bumblebee" and "Fortress."  Makes me want to dance!


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Your vlogs are getting better and better and I especially liked the montage on this one. I was suffering from a cold last weekend and missed the parade...thanks for capturing it so that I could get a glimpse.

Eva Sollberger

Thanks Ed! I am learning a lot with every vlog, so glad it shows (wish I could figure out the YT compression so they looked less...erhm, crunchy!)!

I am still feeling a little chilly after Mardi Gras so it is good you stayed in! The energy downtown was really amazing though, knocked out the winter blues for sure! ;)

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