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March 14, 2007

Stuck in Vermont 12: dug Nap



dug Nap is an interesting fellow.  I first became acquainted with him the way most people do, someone gave me one of his greeting cards - the one with the urgent VT State Trooper's report about the crack in the center of the road and the pie stolen off a know the one?

I was living in Oakland at the time and the yearly murder count was climbing past 100.  Blinking police cars parked on my corner every weekend and no doubt their police reports were pie-free.  I loved the image of Vermont dug Nap was selling,  quirky, refreshing and all his own.

dug Nap wears many hats: visual artist, performance artist, rock musician, poet, writer.  Friday night he wowed a sold out crowd at the FlynnSpace with his one-man, one-night-only show, "My Imaginary Girlfriend."

This vlog does not contain any of the show itself, dug decided he was not ready to release that just yet.  Instead, it is a record of the evening and a sampling of dug's many fans who packed the house Friday.


Sadly, the demand for seats was so high that even dug's optometrist was not able to get a ticket.  Alas.  Many of the ticket-holders knew dug from the old days when his band Pinhead opened for the Clash (!?) or through his paintings and greeting cards which are renowned in Burlington and internationally as well.  Some came with no preconceived notions at all (the group sitting next to me for instance) - out of simple curiosity to see the man behind the cards.

And once Bob Klink took the stage and switched from hat to hat, script in hand, much of the audience was mesmerized.  There is no doubt that dug is a powerful performer with an unusual perspective and a clear voice.   He took us on a strange and wonderful ride and we never looked back.

Dug_nap_1I spoke to dug both before and after the show.   Appropriately, he wore a different hat during both interviews.  It makes me glad to know such a unique voice can find a spotlight and an audience. 

And with a sold out show, standing room seats all taken and 50 people turned away after that, it is clear that other people are interested to hear what dug has to say as well.   Artist, performer, outsider artist or insider, it is clear that his many hats fit him well.

Wonderful song is "You vs Them" by The Hero Cycle (MySpace) off their brand spanking new album "Lakes and Ponds."  They have a record release party at Club Metronome March 16th, check it out!Dug_nap_4_1



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I think you've totally nailed your format. This vlog was smooooth and had lots of great interview snippets.


Oooh, thanks Ed! But do you think it is too long? I was originally aiming for the vlogs to be 2-5 minutes and they are ending up 6-10 minutes - not as bite-sized as I had hoped. Hmmm...but smoooth is good! ;)


I read these comments after viewing the vlog, and for me, not too long at all. In fact, I'm shocked to learn it was 6-10 minutes. The pace and choice of comments were great. (Maybe less tearing of tickets, but that made a point as well). Just loved it. Keep it up.

Jon Flanders

Photos of a visit with Dug. Thanks for the video. Very well done.

There's only one Dug Nap.


Great editing! Hats off to you. (Get it?)


i'm gonna get "down with underpants" and put it over my toilet. i assume that's what dug meant it for...


I love this one, Eva! You're a pro. It's a satisfying alternative for those of us living out of town and unable to go to such a great show.

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