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May 08, 2007

Liminal Engagement [24]


Liminal_engagement_3_2 What do you get when you combine plastic cups, chain link fence, string and rocks painted brown? 

Dartmouth University art professor Soo Sunny Park's "Liminal Engagement" opened Friday, May 4th at the Firehouse Gallery on lower Church St.  The warm weather combined nicely with the Friday Art Walk and the downtown was crawling with art lovers. 

Some plowed through the interactive artwork, leaving tangles in their wake. Others felt the need to take the time to meticulously untangle the strings.

Liminal_engagement_11 This installation by Soo Sunny was inspired by Vermont, her visually stunning drives to Stratford and the snow peaks melting into the dirt.   

"Liminal Engagement" was assembled over the course of 2 weeks with the help of 16 Firehouse Gallery staff, interns and volunteers, and much coffee!

Is it a jellyfish, an underwater scene, clouds, snow peaks, honeycomb, a baseball field - come visit and you be the judge.
  Soo Sunny Park's installation "Liminal Engagement" will be at the Firehouse Gallery from May 4-June 2, 2007.

Music: "Air," Curling Pond Woods, Greg Davis, Copyright 2007 BMI


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don eggert

I loved this exhibit. I tend to check out the Firehouse First Friday following a few afterwork drinks at Red Square. I get a kick out of watching the art passerbys from across the Marketplace. Over a few hours, I had built up a lot of anticipation before checking out this show and it didn't let me down. The plastic cup piece reminded me less of a jellyfish and more of a canopy for one of those new, modern Olympic stadiums. I've tried to do stuff with chain link fence before and it's generally impossible to bend, mold and shape. The artist made it look effortless. I really enjoyed how the size of it forced people at the opening to bump into one another and laugh a lot. Thank you Firehouse for another great exhibit. Keep the crazy installations coming!


thanks eva, great vlog. i loved how you got everyone laughing.

soo sunny park

What a surprise by the video and all the responses I've been getting from the viewers. I didn't expect such a great VLOG from this show occasion. Thanks Eva for your enthusiasm and hours of work putting this together.


My pleasure Soo Sunny! What an impressive show! You transformed the Firehouse!

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