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May 15, 2007

SpielPalast Cabaret [25]

Spielpalast_allTake a walk back in time to the seedy clubs of Berlin in the 1930s where women wore revealing lingerie and sang for their suppers and the entertainment was always sassy.

SpielPalast Cabaret has been performing around Vermont for 6 years and is a fluxuating family of dancers, actors, mimes, musicians, jugglers and performers. This year they alight at City Hall for two weekends of shows.

Which character are they playing tonight?  A peek behind the scenes of the secretive and sultry SpielPalast.

PS 5/21/07 I replaced the older version of this vlog with a higher resolution version. Can you tell the difference? Fewer crunchies!


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I give it my highest possible recommendation. Great job on the vlogging of it, Eva!

Phinneus Sonin

Eva, You fully captured the spirit of the Spielpalast! truly wonderful work! Phinn


Thanks you guys! The SpielPalast magic is hard to capture on stale video (no sweat, blinding light and perfume) but I was glad to give it a wing ding. So much talent, zowie!


Eva - I never miss you vlogs. Great work. Thank you.


Holy cow, once again I was blown away by the Spielpalast show this year. I can wait to go back for a second showing this weekend! Great vlog too!

Mistress Maeve

The cabaret was delicious, as usual. And you were wonderful! Congrats!


Wow, the elusive Mistress Maeve, what a dear you are for the cabaret that is. Hee hee.

PS And thanks Latsyrk and Penelope (of the talented Wall Clan)

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