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June 26, 2007

Geek Week [33]


Geeks5 During the week of June 21-28, it is hip to be square at the Langdon St Cafe in VT's state capitol, Montpelier. 

The organizers of Geek Week, Dave Porcello and Ben Matchstick would have gotten along swimmingly when they were kids - geeky kids.  Although they only met recently, their childhood interests in comics, Dungeons & Dragons, arcade games, computers and solitude unite them in the Geeky Brethren.

During Geek Week you can expect to find 80s trivia, 80s cover bands like Sputnik, antique arcade games, board games, comics, drawing, cereal eating and geeky bonding.

Geeks4 Ben and Dave hope to unite the geeks and pull them away from their solitary computer monitors.  And judging by the large crowd Friday night, their nefarious plan is working.  Nowadays, it is hip to be square, for real.

You have three days of activities left, GO GEEKS!

tuesday [june 26]: Comix-con

5:00 Comic book showcase & trading
6:30 Information Overload: Comix!
8:00 Andrew Parker Renga (folk/rock)
9:00 kaFui (Drum&Bass heroes)
9:30 Reverend (Floppy Disc Jockey)

wednesday [june 27]: Pop-science!

5:00 Intro to Quantum Mechanics
6:00 Mathletics challenge!
7:00 Electronic music workshop
8:00 The Mountain Wolves (ALT-alt)
9:30 The Thimbles (ALT-psychedelic)

thursday [june 28]: Aliens vs. Warlocks

5:00 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Costume Con
5:30 Magic, Dungeons & Dragons
7:30 Information Overload: Sci-Fi!
8:45 GrottoBlaster (adventure core)
9:30 Sara Grace & The Suits
10:45 Geek Week: FINAL SMACKDOWN!


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Mistress Maeve

Gawd, geeks are hot. Seven Days should do an all-geek Personals Party. I'd date any (or all) of those people.



HAW! I am right there with you MM! Sign me up! Geeks are sexy!


(Propeller) hats off to Eva for another great production. After watching "Geek Week" STVT, I feel like I'm now +10 intelligence and +20 hit points.


I can't believe I missed that. Fuck.

Nice touch with the Blade Runner font on the logo. Classy.

I had a geek weekend. I watched the Doctor Who finale by myself on a laptop as the sun was coming up, quietly shedding tears...

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