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June 11, 2007

Got eBay? [30]

If you haven't taken a trip to the Shelburne Museum in a bit, it might be time for you to reacquaint yourself with this slice of VT history. There are new modern signs at the entrance and some edgy new shows inside.  Move over quilts and Ticonderoga, this is not your grandmother's museum anymore.

Shelburne_3One of Shelburne Museum's new exhibits in the Round Barn is "Got eBay? Celebrity Collections Created Online" which is on display from May 20 – October 28, 2007.   

Eight celebrities were given $1000/each to curate their own show using items purchased on eBay.  When the exhibit is over, the items will be re-sold to eBay. 

Electra Havemeyer Webb (1888-1960) was a pioneering collector of American folk art and founded Shelburne Museum in 1947. She purchased about 120,000 art pieces in her life and one can only wonder what she would have thought of eBay and how it might have affected her life as a collector.

Shelburne_2 Stephan Jost, the director of Shelburne Museum speaks of the eBay attraction for art collectors.  eBay has changed the face of both fine art buying and selling and flea market sales.  These days, anyone can bid against avid collectors like Electra.  The highest and the fastest bidder takes all.

The participants in Got eBay? are: Jerry Seinfeld (comedian), Bianca Jagger (humanitarian), Kevin LePage (racecar driver, NASCAR circuit), John Lurie (musician, artist, actor), Carter Foster (curator, Whitney Museum of American Art), Beth Rudin DeWoody (collector, real estate executive), Quy Nguyen and Fritz Karch (editors, Martha Stewart Living magazine), and Vermont Governor Jim Douglas.

Perfect barn-music by Avi and Celia, "Bud n' Mary" from Off the Floor (MySpace).


PS And if you are lucky during your visit, you may even meet some of the museum's smaller inhabitants, the chipmunks and woodchucks - but which is which?


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Mike Marion


I think the whole "Got ebay" exhibit is a great idea (granted I've bought tons of crap on eBay... I've gathered quite a collection of Postcards from the resort region of Muskoka, Ontario where I've vacationed nearly every summer)) but if I was given $$$ to buy stuff on eBay for an exhibit I like to think I'd refrain from purchasing my own artwork. But John Lurie is free to do as he so wishes.

Cool barn.

Mike Marion

Mistress Maeve

Everyone at Shelburne Museum seems so gosh darn sweet! I think I got a cavity just watching them.


Mike Marion

Hey Mistress Maeve...

It's usually the "so gosh darn sweet" in this world who I find are steaming bowls of any and all things wild.

Mike Marion

Mistress Maeve

Wow, when you put it that way — it's a whole different viewing experience. Ha.

Mike Marion

And Mistress Maeve (via Eva & Company)....

You don't even want to know what the chipmonks are up to or, for that matter, what they are up for.

Mike Marion


Eeek, a girl goes away to SF for a week and finds all sorts of fun vlog comments upon her return!

Eg: "Steaming bowls of any and all things wild" - wow! MM and Mike - you two are killing me ovah here! I am afraid to know more about these naughty naughty chipmunk/woodchucks! ;)

Mike Marion

Now folks... I must, in all fairness, point out that the vast majority of my "chipmonk encounters" have occured with Canadian Chipmonks who are known World-Wide as vast cauldrons of the bizarre.

So I hate to paint their Vermont cousins with the same accusations of behaviour due to their mutual genetic codes.

Therefore I suggest that Eva takes on the assignment of investigating her local Chipmonks... which is legal under an obscure element in "The Patriot Act." And you thought it was just about invading Human Civil Liberties.


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