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July 03, 2007

Circus Smirkus [34]


Circus2 This summer is the 20 year anniversary of founder Rob Mermin's Circus Smirkus.  What began as a little itty bitty dream to begin a circus in Vermont has turned into a formidable institution. 

Sunday was the opening day of the tour in Greensboro, VT.   1 Circus Road in Greensboro, the original home of Smirkus, is remote and beautiful. 

After 3 weeks of intense rehearsals, the 75-member staff and crew will tour for 7 weeks throughout New England, performing twice every other day for a total of 71 shows.

Circus3The young performers are skilled in multiple circus arts such as the diablo, single, double and triple point trapeze, rings, juggling, the plank, the tightrope, fabric and clowning. 

Or they might just use a couple of ladders to perform balancing tricks, you never can tell what is coming next.

In the beginning, the troupe consisted of farm hands learning how to juggle.  Thanks to the prominence of circus camps and training programs, performers now travel from all over the world to be a part of Circus Smirkus. 

Circus6 The giggly contortionists from Mongolia, the nimble tightrope walker from Columbia and the rosy-cheeked hula hooper from Minnesota - they are all part of one big circus family. 

All come together and become friends almost instantaneously, immediately trusting one another as they hang by each other's ankles, balance side by side, and rocket each other into the air. 

These days, it is less about running away to the circus and more about proudly adding it to your resume.  But one thing hasn't changed, the kids in the audience still squeal with delight at the simplest of gags and pies in the face are always in style.



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did you get to meet rob mermin?


did you get to meet rob mermin?


did you get to meet rob mermin?


Who the hell is Rob Mermin?

Eva, I could totally see you being a ringmaster.


Awesome! I took my kids to their first show last weekend. It was amazing. Thanks for showing me a bit of the behind the scenes.


YES Suzanne! Rob Mermin is in the video! Rob is the founder of Circus Smirkus.

Thanks Herb. Gimme a whip and I am ready for my pie in the face (I really wish I had gotten pied in the closing bit - that would have been too cool even if i had to drive all the way back to Burlington covered in shaving cream).

Kacey, so glad you got to see the show! The performers are something else - it's hard to believe how young they are?!


Saw the show in Essex and I've seen it every year. I love to watch the performers grow up right in front of my eyes. I would never enjoy an adult circus nearly as much as I enjoy watching these kids throw their hearts into their work.


the show was awesome


i miss all of you so much.. its kylee from the vineyard.. you guys were amazing.. keep up the great work and make sure you come here again we all miss you so much...<3

-Kylee and the Edgartown school

Tom G

Hey, there is alot happening south of route 7 too. Check out Windham County once in a while.


ola, I very found the project of voçes interesting, here in the brazil it has many projects and inclusion to the circus but nao thus I found very the structure of the circus legal penalty that the lesser circuses nao if enteressem here in having a legal structure mine parabens hug Richard circus

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