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July 31, 2007

The Ramble [38]

Ramble2 The Ramble is a free for all festival that takes place in big and small locations all over the Old North End, an eclectic Burlington neighborhood packed full of farmers, artists, young families...and chickens?! 

The Ramble was started by Heather Driscoll and Lee Anderson 4 years ago and is currently helmed by Lee and Sage Tucker-Ketchum of Studio STK.

Some major events this year included The Old North End Parade, Crombie Street Block Festival, performances by Very Special Arts at Studio STK, a community graffiti mural at Kriya Studio, a bike parade, and a big closing party at 294 North Winooski Ave.

Ramble4 Artists opened their studios, businesses opened their doors with special offers, residents had yard sales, and there was an abundance of free food, balloons and face painting.  The entire community was outside meeting and greeting one another.

Field Day, also known as War of the Wards is an athletic event pitting the North side against the South Side.  Organized by Adrian Tans, Michael Nedell and Lee Anderson, it was a flashback to elementary school but a lot more fun. 

Games included water balloon toss, 100 yard dash, hula hoop race, standing long jump, bowling ball shotput, the mile, sack race, arm wrestling and a giant tug-of-war.

Ramble16_2 Despite the occasionally rainy conditions, attendance was good, if a bit late to arrive.  The North had more people but the South fought long and hard. 

Last year with similar circumstances, the South managed to pull together a win and the North was determined to prevent this from occurring once again.

The final event was the Tug of War.  Who won the War of the Wards?  Watch and see. 

And why do so many North Enders have chickens anyway?

"Ramble On!"

Most perfect diddy by Colin Clary and the Magogs, Her Life of Crime, "The Shape of this Town."


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Aww, Battery Park — right by our ex-apartment!


Hooray for Old North End chickens! (What can I say, we're poultry peeps....)

wistful in williston

if i had come do you think the north would have let me play on their side? i used to live there. The ONE was my favorite bar...

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