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August 28, 2007

Champlain Valley Fair [42]

Fair3 Saturday was the opening day of the 2007 Champlain Valley Fair

Even impending rain could not keep the crowds away from the death-defying rides, tasty fried cuisine, diverse animal displays and 4-H competitions.

Eva talks to 4-Hers about their cows and finds out who will be the Supreme Grand Champion Cow.

Did you know that cows have different personalities just like people? 

And what makes an "ideal cow" anyway?

And why isn't Rusty DeWees entered in the Best Cock contest?!

Rocking tunes by Avi and Celia - "Down to You" and "Soak Her In" from their album Off the Floor.

You can watch this video on YouTube here.

And for more fair fun, you can watch a meatier montage below:


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Mistress Maeve

Can I be a judge in the Best Cock contest?

Oh, wait. . .



This contest was built for YOU and you alone. Get your knickers down to the Poultry Barn Wednesday and hand out that Best Cock blue ribbon!


Eva, Looks like you had a great time at the Fair. I'm sorry I didn't get to see you while you were there. Your videos, both of them, are excellent and really capture the fun and spirit of the Fair. One of my favorite parts of the fair is the 4-H, too.
The weather looks great for the rest of the Fair - come back for the demo derby on Thursday - that would be a great Stuck in Vermont!


For some reason I can not open the video
of the Champlain Valley Fair 4H interview.
My grand daughter is one of the girls.



Sorry about that! You need to have Flash Player 9 or higher installed to watch the video on Brightcove. As another option, try watching the video on YouTube here:

good luck!

best, Eva


Oh, the fair! I don't miss sitting underneath the grandstand, selling tickets all day, but I do miss the funnel cakes and the people watching. I love learning about agriculture, as I am woefully incompetent in that area. Did you go to the petting zoo tent? A few years ago when I was there a camel started chewing on my hair (and got quite a good mouthful, actually). I got a haircut shortly thereafter, determining that it was about time, if the camel couldn't tell the difference between my hair and straw.


Eva, Any chance of getting a DVD copy of your video? I'd like to enter it in a contest with the International Association of Fairs and Expositions.
Let me know.


Steve, most certainly! I make DVDs of all the Stucks. Am emailing you right now with details!

Jernigan Pontiac

Eva, you just keep getting better and better as a videographer. (Is that even a word?) The shots you use, the music you choose, the way you muse - I'd like once to walk in your shoes.

Anyhoo, Rusty's comment at the end with the quick cut to the cock-a-doodling cock - my wife and I couldn't stop laughing! And isn't it fun to legitimately say "cock" over and over?


"Cock, cock, cock!" Oh YES! That is why the chicken area is such a popular photo op!

Thanks Jernigan - you are very kind! I wanna walk a day in your shoes too! Let's switch jobs one day??

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