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September 11, 2007

Strut II [44]

Strut21 9/7/07: This year's 15th Annual Art Hop brought hundreds of people to the South End to view the works of over 500 artists spread between 60 sites.

Strut II kicked off the Art Hop 2007 festivities with a procession of goodies such as a flouncy red wedding gown, silk-screened tees and clothes made out of playing cards. 

Strut took place in a cavernous garage and even without the aid of the stifling heat, the models sizzled.

Strut was coordinated by Xmas Maxon-Alley, Reconstruction Designer + owner of the Green Closet Eco Chic Boutique and hosted by WCAX’s own Jack Thurston + Syndi Zook of the Lyric Theatre Company along with music by DJ Precious.

Strut14 Strut II designers were: Ava Bishop, Catalyst/Brand New, Laura Fuchs, Loraleh Harris, Joanne Kalisz, Carolyn Little, Tara Lynn, Janii Peterson, Autumn Polidor and Almir Salkic.

Check out that pink codpiece and the dresses made from t-shirts some dude threw out (left).

These designers make both casual and high end clothing using recycled materials and each dedicates much precious time to the art of sewing.

And my favorite quote from the vlog and possible title for the codpiece outfit, "I would grope you if we weren't in such public place."

Peppy tunes by Pretty & Nice off their album Pink & Blue, "Busy Bees."  They have a new record coming out really soon so stay tuned!

You can watch this video on YouTube here.


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Ava Bishop

Thanks Eva, This video is gorgeous! Shot and edited beautifully, and I love the music as well. I really appreciate all the coverage, and it was great fun talking with you. Keep in touch, and I'd love to correspond with you about future happenings!!

Ava Bishop


We had soooo much fun that night, it's hard to believe how hot it was in that place and now just 4 days later I need a sweater...


Another great video: Art Hop looks completely different at night - I'm going to go Friday night next year. I went to the afternoon strut - more cute kids and dogs than hot models - but it was hot. You can see the pixs at


Yes Ava, please do! And congrats on a beautiful show, your wedding dresses are just divine!

Dann- good point. How the weather does swing in merry ol'VT. I thought I was gonna pass out that garage was sooo steamy!!!

Awesome Steve, thanks! You take the best pics. I loved your fair snaps too! The Hop at night is a wild scene but I am always too tired the next day to do much so it is one or the other for me. ;)


Hi Eva!
Awesome video on the Evening Art Hop Fashion Show! Cool + edgy camera work that truely captured the feel for the event. Thanks a bunch for taking an interest in us emerging artists + desiners!
-Joanne + Miss Happy Fantastic


Your affected style and language is so annoying. Please just try to be real or stop doing video. Wasn't high school a long way back for you? Get over yourself and find something you're actually good at.


Eva, you are affectalicious! I think you should "be real" by attending all of your Stuck events with no pants on.

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