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October 30, 2007

Burlington Zombie Walk [51]

Zombies11 Last Saturday the undead lurched along the streets of downtown Burlington looking for fresh brains to munch on.  The innocent town folks did not stand a chance against this rowdy gang of braindead flesh eaters.

According to Wikipedia, zombie walks have been taking place in urban city centers since 2001.  The Burlington Zombie Walk is in its second year and was organized by Adrienne Goulette.

This year there was a solid turnout despite the rain.  Participants dressed in fanciful costumes (prom dresses, football jerseys, hospital garb), soaked themselves in blood, and cavorting down Church St screeching at the top of their lungs.

Zombies18 The zombie walk came to a close at Nectar's where the living dead munched on french fries and BLTs (Brains, Lettuce and Tomatoes).

Deep Soda, Pose Dead - Collected & Destroyed Vol. 2, "Leviathan Hades" provide the oh so perfect zombie music.

PS: As fate would have it, after 50 episodes of Stuck in Vermont, The Smittens were able to rerecord the snippet of their song that plays in each vlog intro. 

Can you tell the difference?  WE LOVE IT!!  Thanks Smittens!

You can watch this video on YouTube here.


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Freddy Solomon

Dear Eva: This is some first-rate journalism because, as a rule, zombies simply refuse to be interviewed. It's not that the undead are shy; it's just that they are hyper-focused on locating and consuming brains - no time to talk about. So, this was a real coup on your part, getting the wobbly fellows to open up as they did. And, who knew that brains taste like chicken? By the way, Eva, if I were you, I'd get my blood checked. Not to be mean, but you are looking like a zombie yourself.
One more thing: Do you know the favorite song of zombies everywhere? Give up? "She's Not There."
Am I funny, or what?


That chick in red is H-O-T!!!


Oh snap. That laugh of mine you got near the beginning, jeez... I'm creeping MYSELF out! Thanks for coming and filming the Zombie Walk; it was a blast having you along. Make sure you come back next year! I bet Sara and Becca could hook you up with some first-rate gore. :D


Molly, I concur. Mama mia!

Freddy, you ARE funny! The trick to interviewing zombies is the Zombie Fluffer. In this case it was my sister who stood off to the side dangling a bag of fresh brains. This kept the zombies properly focused and articulate. Oh yes, we think ahead.

Bastian - that laugh of yours was indeed quite scary! Any luck growing that arm back yet?

Rael O

Well, I know why the zombies stopped for an interview. They heard Eva hosts the DEAD beat club.

They probably would have recited some poetry as well, except all of it would have been about eating your brains and gaining your knowledge...

Mister Guy

I didn't know that the VT Young Republicans met downtown around Halloween... ;)

Mike Marion

Eva... Whenever you do a package involving Church Street it always reminds me of the September day in 2002 when I parked my motorcycle at College & Church I first fell in love with Burlington...

Zombies or no zombies, it's a magical place... you people are so lucky.

Mike M.


HA HA HA!!! I thought for sure there would be footage of this somewhere. Can I get a more complete scene of the attack on the Red Onion somewhere? I WANT IN ON THIS NEXT YEAR.

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