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November 27, 2007

My Cat Goma [55]

Goma3 How do you follow a vlog about socks and one about puppets?  With GOMA of course!

Sachie Tani began blogging about her Himalayan cat Goma in May of 2007. 

At first, she used her blog to connect with her family in Japan.  Then people outside her family began to ask, "How is Goma?"

Sachie's 37 Goma videos have been seen over 92,000 times on YouTube.  "Cat VS Cotton Candy" is the most popular with over 60,000 views.

Sachie did not anticipate such a massive response to her blog, My Himalayan Cat "Goma" but is pleased to share her Goma joys with others.

Call her a crazy cat lady if you must, but Sachie is unabashedly in love with her cat Goma and how can anyone find fault with that?

This song seems made for Goma:  The Smittens, A Little Revolution, "Twitterpated (Mfdod Remix)"

Eva's note: In the interest of fair disclosure, I must admit to being a crazy cat lady myself.  Two days after this interview, I got the same kitty backpack Sachie is sporting in the end of the video. 

You can watch this video on YouTube here.


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Mistress Maeve

Omg. I'm in love with little Goma and her owner, too! They are super-fabulous. From one crazy cat lady to another — Goma is awesome.


I feel so happy and calm just knowing that Sachie and Goma are out there just radiating cute and love and sweetness into the world. Good vlog, Eva!

Mike Marion

It's been said that dogs are pre-wired by nature to love us... but if a cat loves you... it truly loves you!!! Or as Winston Churchill is reported to have said... "Dogs look up to us... Cats look down on us... and Pigs see us as equals." And as I like to add... we eat pigs.

Go Goma!!!


i love goma and sachie tani!


Sachie- this is cute of the day!


i love cozycreek little sesame Goma! it's so nice to see stories about internet personalities who, otherwise, just remain non-people. what a great video!

Goma Olin

This is so funny, and I hope you get this email. My name is Goma Olin, from Camby Indiana. I am actualy a female. I am 32 years old. I had a hard time living with this name as a child, and now that I am older, I appreciate it more. I decided to get on line and look up my name for meanings. I have heard many different ones and I actually worked in a Japanese diner and I knew about the meaning Sesame. I saw your website and died laughing hearing you call your cat "Goma." My parents were old hippies and thats how I got the name. Anyways, go to "" and look me up. Goma Olin.


Hey. I love your cat. He is so cute.

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hmmm Love your Blog .I feel so happy and calm just knowing that Sachie and Goma are out there just radiating cute . Nice review.... Thanks.

Cat Supplies

What a beautiful Himalayan cat. I love his eyes. I think they look a lot like Siamese cats, which are also my favorite.

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