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January 10, 2008

VT Fancy Felines [61]

Cat_show_suzette_dolly 1/5/08: Once a year, VT Fancy Felines cat show takes over the Sheraton Burlington Hotel & Conference Center.  Parades of well-cared for Balinese, Burmese, Exotics, Maine Coons, Persians, Russian Blues, Siamese, and Sphynx compete for ribbons and titles.

Why do attendees love their cats so much?  Spending hours brushing and grooming them, breeding them over and over again in search of the perfect cat and traveling all over the country to compete?

Cat lovers give us a peek into their world.

Some of the featured breeders are Suzette Garey of Cozycreek Cattery (and breeder of internet SUPA STAH, Goma!), Karen Greenman of Sunlit, Teresa Signore and Edwin Sweeny of Highlander Cattery, Carole Goubault of Chatterie Serenite, Margaret Gadouas of Dahlias and Karina Brien of Feli Folie.

You also might recognize cameos by local cat lovers/bloggers Sachie Tani and Undead Molly.

Here is a video montage of the fancy felines featuring the full-length Smittens song, "My Favorite Dream" off A Little Revolution:

PLEASE NOTE: Stuck in Vermont will be posted on Thursdays from this day forth!

As always, you can watch this vlog on YouTube if you prefer it.


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sachie and Goma

OMG Cat people totally rule!! Love the music and little girl Iris!! She is the cutest girl ever!! Dolly( the Himalayan cat) was one of my favorite!! She is just so cute!! Ohhh I can't wait till next year's Fancy felines cat show!!


Ohhh... dedicated to Shinto. ::cry cry cry:: Love and warmth and healing thoughts to Parisa....

Nancy Baer

Hi..I am searching for the owner of a persian cat named Lizzie that went missing in the Barre~Montpelier, Vermont area some ten years ago. The cat was one of the cats being exhibited I believe, the owner(s)posted flyers
about their missing cat. My sister has Lizzie and would like to help her get back home. Do you have any idea how to contact the cat show?
Thank you.


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