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February 27, 2008

Lakeview Terrace at Mardi Gras [68]

Mardilakeview9 2/23/08: Lakeview Terrace is the only neighborhood float to participate in Magic Hat's annual Mardi Gras parade. So what makes them so special?

Odele Peter and her rabbit Betty have been master minding the float for years and fashion designer Allison Bannister is a more recent addition to the hood. 

Together Thing 1 and Thing 2 managed to find a trailer truck (thanks to Zimmer and Aardvark Truck Service), accident insurance, a live band, a gaggle of empty gifts and a generator - all through community connections.

Once again, Lakeview Terrace won the 1st place prize even though they were piecing their float together 3 hours prior to the parade.  All that and they get a lake view?!  Sheesh.

Mardi_gras_and_lakeview_terrace7d_2All proceeds from Mardi Gras go to The Women's Rape Crisis Center.  This year they raised around $20,000!

Also featuring a killer Mardi Gras montage (peppered with many 7 Days friendly circus faces) with a song by Montreal band, Bad Flirt who recently passed through town on tour.  The full featured song is "Heart of Darkness" and the song snippet is "Homecoming" [Unmastered].

Apologies for the crummy audio.  My headphones didn't fit over my wig and it was LOUD.  'Nuff said.

You can watch the Mardi Gras 2008 video on YouTube here.

In other news, you can watch the 7 Days video, "Nick Garza is Missing" on YouTube.


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