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April 23, 2008

Pure Pop Record Store Day [79]

Purepop134/19/08: The first ever international Record Store Day was in full swing at Pure Pop Records Saturday. 

Music fans swarmed the bargain bins and went home armed with old and new records, tapes, and CDs.

Why are indie record stores a vital part of our community?  What makes them different from shopping for music online? 

Is it the atmosphere, the browsing, the hunt for rare finds, the album art or the way a new record smells?

Eva bought her first album at Pure Pop (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars by David Bowie in case you care) years ago and she is back to find out why it is still so special.

Music: The Jazz Guys, So Moped Puree, "Try to Find"

As many of you know, the lead singer of The Jazz Guys, Herb van der Poll also works at Pure Pop.  Tell him how much you enjoy his music next time you see him.

You can watch this video here on YouTube.


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No shot of the bathroom? That's the best part! Fail.

Just kidding. I hope a lot of people see this because you did a great job of promoting the store AND explaining why independently owned record stores are so important. Support them or you will only have soulless mainstream pop culture CRAP to listen to!


Great work! There's nothing like seeing music lovers geeking out and laughing about what they buy, how they buy it, and why independent stores are so important.

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