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October 2008

October 29, 2008

Quidditch World Cup [102]

Quidditch_death_eaters 10/26/08: BROOMS UP! 

The 2nd Annual Quidditch World Cup was held on the Middlebury College campus this weekend.  Teams came from across the country (and even from Canada) to compete for the prestigious title.

Whether you come to it for your Harry Potter fix or treat it as a legitimate sport, quidditch is a jolly good time for all.

Location: Middlebury College, Middlebury VT

Watch video on YouTube here.

And also new this week, Vermont 3.0 Creative/Tech Career Jam [7DTV14].

October 22, 2008

James Kochalka [101]

Kochalka_cuties 10/16/08: Local artist and rock star James Kochalka has been drawing his daily comic book strip, American Elf, for 10 years this Sunday.

American Elf is about James' daily life so we went to his house and followed him around for a day to see how his characters behave in 3D.

Music: James Kochalka

Location: Burlington, VT

Editor's Note: James Kochalka was the main feature of the very first Stuck in VT vlog.  It seems fitting that he should be both the 1st and the 101st Stuck in VT.

Watch it on YouTube here.

Also new this week: 7DTV13: NRG Systems

October 15, 2008

100th episode of Stuck [100]

Img_8862 10/11/08: Eva and friends celebrate 100 episodes of her arts and culture vlog, "Stuck in Vermont."

We examine why it is a good thing to be stuck in VT and say the words "stuck" and "Vermont" about one million times.

Music: The Smittens

Location: Johnson, Montpelier, Burlington Vermont

Watch on YouTube here.

October 08, 2008

BCS Kids Interview the Mayor [99]

Bcs_2_eva_kids 10/3/08: The preschool-age kids of Burlington Children's Space grill Mayor Bob Kiss over pancakes.

Just what exactly does the mayor do every day - besides climbing mountains and jumping in puddles?

Music: Ryan Power, Is It Happening?, "Is It Happening?"

Location: McClure Multi-Generational Center, Burlington Vermont

Watch video on YouTube here.

October 01, 2008

Langdon's Army of Fun [98]

Army_of_fun_9_meg 9/27/08: The first annual Army of Fun was a three day street festival organized by Langdon St Cafe in Montpelier Vermont.

Just what does the "Army of Fun" mean exactly?  Let the Montpeculiar residents explain fun to you, what Langdon St Cafe means to them and why their town is so damn special.

[Editor's Note: For a fun game of your own, count how many times you hear the word FUN in this video!  The winner gets a prize!]

Live Music:
The Prodigal String Band

Rose Polenzani with Session Americana

Location: Langdon St, Montpelier Vermont

Watch video on YouTube here.

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