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November 11, 2009

Green Mountain Hounds [151]

11/8/09: The Green Mountain Hounds carry on the illustrious tradition of fox hunting with a modern day twist - instead of hunting actual foxes, the hounds trail the scent of anise.

Renaissonics, Carols for Dancing, "Gaytas," "Fum, Fum, Fum"

Location: Charlotte, Richmond, VT


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Joan S

One of the best videos about hunting I've seen and I've watched a lot. Wonderful watching the hounds work, the fields follow, and the countryside. It was delightful. The music is great too.

Eva Sollberger

Thanks a lot Joan, I really appreciate your feedback! Fox hunters are hard to film because they are moving so darn fast! There was so much rich history there, tough to cram it into 6 minutes!

Christopher Bray


It was only the end of summer when you emailed about connecting with local fox hunting, and now you've already created this fabulous introduction to the sport--which is not easy to do as there are many actors--human and animal--, spread out over wide spaces, often moving fast, and a great deal of seemingly inscrutable language and tradition--all rolled into one and punctuated with the sounds of horns, baying hounds, and pounding hooves!

This is a great piece! Congratulations on capturing it all so well.

Eva Sollberger

Thanks so much Chris, and also thanks for your help connecting me with GMH! I hope to one day be a rider in the 2nd field but first I will have to find a horse!

best, Eva

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