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January 20, 2010

Cysts Happen [160]

1/17/10: Cysts Happen, but what do you need to know if they happen to you?

After having a melon-sized ovarian cyst removed this summer, Eva spoke to other women who have experienced ovarian cysts and to her surgeon Cheung Wong, MD, the Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Fletcher Allen Health Care.  Why do ovarian cysts happen?  What types are there?  What treatments are available?  And what about ovarian cancer?

Women need to be their own advocates when it comes to their health.   So if something feels wrong in your body, tell your doctor.

Music: Carrigan, Young Men Never Die, Tinderboxes


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That was such an awful time. The whole fish-down-your-pants period when you were in pain all the time and those stupid doctor kept telling you you were fine. Remember the note you saw on your chart at that one office that said, "Tell her to stop calling!"?


That's really one kind of terrible illness, as one of my relative had.

People should pay more attention on it.

Thanks for the sharing.


bravo eva! was that black & white footage for real? you are so brave for showing this private side of your life for the education of the public. thank you! i'm so happy you are cancer free.

Eva Sollberger

oh thanks guys! Molly, I forgot about that doctors note! Thank you for everything and for this beautiful cyst drawing which I am framing!

Suzanne - NO, this b-roll footage was all recreated! It was funny to go back and mimic pain, although it certainly wasn't funny when it was happening for real!

John Sollinger

My daughter called last week end from San Diego complaining of severe abdominal pain. She had taken a laxitive but didn't want to see a Doctor (no health insurance, yay America). I told her I'd pay for the Dr. so if the laxitive didn't work, go to a clinic. She did and was told nothing's wrong but they would schedule an ultrasound (they didn't). She called me the next evening, still in pain, so I said go to the ER....NOW. The ER doc ordered the ultrasound and bingo...a 64mm ovarian cyst. She was sent home with a cahriter and given a list of OBGYNs . Her sugery is on the 12th in LA. I'm sending her a link to your excellent and timely video, thanks.

Eva Sollberger

John, SO GLAD that your daughter was diagnosed and has a surgery scheduled. And good job being the smart dad who insisted she get it looked at and diagnosed!

They actually suggested an ultrasound when I was at the ER and I stupidly decided against it. I do have health insurance but my high deductible ($3500) made me nervous to do additional procedures (the ER visit was $1600 without an ultrasound). Now I see that the $ is unimportant when weighed with good health.

So glad your daughter was spared months of undiagnosed pain. Best of luck to her and hoping for her speedy recovery. The best part is when you are cyst-free!

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