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February 03, 2010

Lake Elmore Polar Plunge [162]

1/30/10: The 2nd Annual Lake Elmore Polar Plunge inspired about 75 gutsy participants to LEAP into the frigid lake. Teams raised almost $13,000 which will be split between the Morrisville Rotary Club who organize the event and the new Lamoille County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity who hope to build a home for a local family in need.

Well how about it Seven Days staff, want to plunge with me next year?

Music: Chuch, Juarez, "A Few Good Things"


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Katie Orost

What a huge success! Seven Days & Eva- thanks for such wonderful coverage of this event!

Andy Bromage

Uh, yeah. About that whole "Seven Days" "staff" "plunging" thing... Yeah, well, it's just that I have this aversion to dying, and especially dying underwater, and dying frozen underwater. So maybe we could do a bowl-a-thon instead to raise $? I know, I know. Totally wimpy.

Eva Sollberger

Katie, thanks so much! We had a great day and it was fun to be back in my old stomping grounds - used to swim in Lake Elmore when we were kids!

Andy, I, too, am not overly fond of the idea of freezing, drowning or dying! Count me OUT! But after talking to the head of the Water Rescue team who assured me that it would take at LEAST 20 minutes in the water to totally DIE, I felt somewhat reassured. Plus, even if you pass out after hitting the water, there are about 4 dudes in wetsuits there to lug your carcass out of the water. Feel reassured? ;) We'll see how we feel when January 2011 rolls around! Diane is IN!

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