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March 10, 2010

Tiny Houses, The Sequel [167]

3/6/10: We revisit Peter King, also known as "The Tiny House Guy" thanks to a Stuck in VT video that went viral last winter.  Peter has built 11 tiny houses since we saw him last but is not super pleased with his new moniker.

We also meet Dale Helms who is downsizing with his wife from their 2,400 square foot home to a 1,200 square foot home.  While they build the smaller house, they will live in a 400 sq ft home that Peter helped them build.  With the help of this tiny house, they hope to eliminate their debt.

With the economy in shambles and foreclosures running rampant, tiny houses seem more relevant than ever.  But Peter has some ideas that are even bigger than his tiny houses.


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"Our Titanic has plenty of lifeboats to cover everybody." --Peter King. (imagine how many lifeboats are in one empty, foreclosed McMansion or vacant retail outlet space. Convert 'em to multi-unit living spaces.)


How do we get in contact with Peter? He said he rec'd a call a day, but I don't see any contact information.

Eva Sollberger


Peter has a land line:

Peter King

Good luck, Eva

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