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May 23, 2012

A Neighborhood's Future is Up in the Air [268]

5/21/12: Burlington International Airport has grown in size over the years and this means an increase in noise for the South Burlington residents that live nearby.  Under an FAA relocation program, the airport has bought about 120 homes in the areas surrounding the airport that are within the 65-decibel noise zone.  Demolition permits are pending for 57 of these properties which are being held up by a resident's zoning appeal.

But what happens to the residents who remain in this ever-evolving, partially vacant neighborhood - whether they are eligible for the relocation program or not?

Eva talks to residents and airport representatives about this neighborhood in flux.

Music: Greg Davis, Somnia, "Clouds As Edges"


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Juliet Buck

According to a recent report by the USAF, 1000-1300 more homes are in the 65 DNL than residents have been lead to believe. The airport will NOT be offering to buy these additional homes. Also important to note, the airport exercises NO NOISE MITIGATION at all: no sound walls, no blast deflectors, no run up enclosures, no berms. The airport plans to double traffic/noise in the next 10 years and has no plans to mitigate the noise pollution they produce.


Great editing. Cool eire music. Tough issue. The noise is one thing, but the pollution is yet another. Fallout from the jet fuel I'm sure is monitored, and should be a concern. I live in the proximity of Seatac airport and we get flights about 1 a minute. We are only close, so it's a bother that you get used to. You almost miss it when you're gone to a quieter place. I think this issue emphasises the need for flying cars. :) Communities are being built at airports! Green space is nice too. Soundproof buildings may play a role, as well as cleaner jet emissions. Great issue.

South Burlington Voter

Thank you Eva for doing this piece. The sad truth is that Mayor Weinberger and the Burlington Airport Commission only see Burlington International Airport as a cash-cow. They don't care about the impact on South Burlington at all because they don't personally live in South Burlington or face any accountability at the polls from South Burlington residents. It is easier for them to constantly grow the airport and destroy South Burlington homes, lives and tax base in the process rather than have some courage & raise taxes on their own residents or cut programs. Mayor Weinberger's kids don't go to Chamberlin School. Maybe it would be better if So. Burlington was incorporated back into Burlington so at least we would have a vote. I moved here in the '90's and I do agree with Bob McEwing that the airport has been on steroids since about 2000. It was much better when it was smaller. Thank you again, is the kind of in-depth reporting that it would be nice to see from WCAX and other local stations.

Peggy Luhrs

Rasputin says that hes sure "fall out from the jet fuel is monitored". Don't bet the farm on that. The military regularly gets exemptions form environmental regulations and is one of the greatest sources of pollution on the planet. Yet another reason not to base this palne here. The Dutch government canceld its order for F-35's when testing showed it would deafen people. We need money for education, infrastructure, health and to end the boondoggle of always cost overrrun contracts to the likes of Lockheed Martin and other MIC war profiteers.

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