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May 08, 2013

Buddy's Bus [309]

5/3/13: For a decade, bus driver Buddy Longworth has been making thousands of buddies across Vermont, one mile at a time. Whether it's Peppermint Patty Friday, reading poetry over the PA, decorating his bus with kitten calendars, or greeting passengers by name - Buddy is one of a kind, a legend some say. Eva rides the CCTA/GMTA LINK Express from Burlington to Montpelier to see Buddy in action and talk to riders about his unique Buddy-isms.

Way to Go week is May 13-17, help Vermonters fight carbon pollution by walking, bike riding, carpooling or taking the bus to work. Tell Buddy that we sent you!

Music: Al Jolson, "I'm Sitting on Top of the World"

This episode of Stuck in Vermont was brought to you by

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annonymous to protect my job!

Steering with one hand! Holding paper and reading while driving! I guess we know now how the bus crash 4 years ago happened. Where I work we have been told many times not to allow conversations with passengers on the bus to distract us! Apparently reading while driving is not distracting!What happens when hand held Mic cord wraps around steering wheel and causes a crash! And Chris Cole thinks this is all great! Safety first! Apparently not!

No Way Jose!

Where I work They do not allow the driver's to act like that. The Management staff says it is all a distraction and would discipline the drivers. Management where I work would follow the driver and try and catch him doing actions like that just so they can discipline them.


Well, I think its great that Buddy has such a great attitude. No stress in his job. But, as its been stated, where I’m from, safety is first and watching that video as he is driving had a whole list of "not to do's." There’s actually signs on the buses that state to the passengers that talking to the driver is a distraction. Steering with one hand while saying poetry.....a distraction and safety issue. In Burlington, the drivers are followed to make sure they don’t do those things! Maybe Eva Sollberger should do an interview with someone on the other side of the business so the people can have a better understanding what a "One in a million" driver is. Safety should NEVER be compromised or rewarded when it is. Really Eva, you should consider contacting and interviewing someone from the other half of this great transportation agency that gets the people where they need to go......

Eva Sollberger

While I appreciate your perspective, I would recommend contacting the GMTA if you have a complaint to lodge about Buddy's driving. Buddy has a unique personality and many fans, and that was the focus of my video. We appreciate all the hard-working bus drivers who get us from place to place each day.


haters are gonna hate. lovers are gonna love. and I do love you ms. eva sollberger! Buddy seems like a great guy! Both looking good for 6:45 am!

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