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Monday, July 31, 2006

Coming Soon!

The month-long Vermont Localvore Challenge begins tomorrow, August 1, and I'll write more then about what the challenge is, and why I'm doing it.

In the meantime, I'll be pretty busy tonight trying to make good use of all of the non-local food that's in my fridge. If I can't preserve it somehow (make jam, applesauce, or freeze stuff), it will have to go home with a friend, since starting tomorrow, I won't be eating anything that's not grown within 100 miles of Burlington (with a few minor exceptions).


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Lisa Crean

Happy local-voring, Meghan! I'll be thinking of you every time I douse my local organic veggies with the dastardly, out-of-bounds, fresh-squeezed lemon juice--my condiment I can't live without. And if I get it together enough to bring cookies to a meeting this month, I'll make sure to pick up some local berries for you!

Meghan Dewald

Thanks, Lisa! I use citrus juice a lot when I cook, too, and am missing lemons. Currants are a good substitute, though, and they also make durn tasty jam.

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