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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Barbecue bliss

For dinner last night Gahlord and I picked up some local ground beefalo from City Market, and several ears of fresh local sweet corn.  I made patties of the meat with some garlic, an egg, and salt and pepper, and G. grilled those, and soaked and grilled the corn. Potatoes from Lewis Creek Farm, bought at the Burlington farmers' market last weekend, were sliced and wrapped up in a foil packet with butter and rosemary to gradually get hot over the coals. A friend stopped by with some more corn and ground turkey breast from Misty Knoll Farms, which got the same treatment as the red meat, but minus the egg and plus some chopped scallions. A green salad with local lettuces, raw green beans and shelled peas, and a red currant dressing I made up, balanced out all of the meat and starch.

Everything was delicious. I love grilled corn. The  kernels are basically steamed inside the husks, so they're really tender, but the outsides of the husks get charred, which makes the whole ear taste slightly smoky. "Beefalo" might sound kind of odd, but it's actually a USDA term for a cross between American bison and domestic beef cattle. It tastes pleasantly of game, and is very lean. A little goes a long way! The ground turkey was another great find; very flavorful with the scallions and salt. Happily, we have lots of leftovers.

Breakfast this morning was a piece of sourdough bread I baked last night (after patiently waiting 2 days for it to rise!), along with a bowl of stewed rhubarb-and-honey in more of the Butterworks Farm maple yogurt. Oh, and a glass of water. I am beginning to miss coffee and tea more than I thought I would — no caffeine headaches or anything, just a feeling of not being able to look forward to pick-me-ups that I sometimes get from those substances. I know water is great for you, but I'd like locate some local mint and other dried herbs, so I can have a morning routine again that involves a hot cup of something.

Lunch was leftovers from last night — half a beefalo patty and some green salad, with a few pieces of sourdough. I anticipate more of the same for dinner tonight, with some cold corn-on -the-cob, since we don't really have time to cook this evening. I might boil beans for a salad for tomorrow, if I get a few minutes before bed and the house isn't too hot.


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i might have to break my veggie-ness and try a turkey burger. mmm that sounds good.

Meghan Dewald

They are terrifically tasty!

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