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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Inaugural Breakfast & Lunch

Gahlord is taking one for the team, finishing up perishable leftovers that we still have in our fridge, even after last night's potluck where lots of food was consumed.
It didn't seem to make sense to throw away good edibles just to claim localvore cred, so he's going to join me in the localvore diet in a few days. I tried not to be wistful while watching him eat a potato, mushroom and onion frittata this morning.

Fortunately, I'd planned ahead and baked some bread with flour from Champlain Valley Mills, so I was able to have toast for breakfast, with butter and honey. A sprinkle of cinnamon  made the toast even tastier. Topped off the meal with a bowl of blueberries in maple yogurt. Yum.

The breakfast breakdown:

Butter = Cabot Creamery
Honey = from a small beekeeping operation in Burlington's Intervale
Blueberries = Adam's Berry Farm
Yogurt = Butterworks Farm

For lunch, I packed a simple sandwich with more of the same bread and a hefty slice of Frog City Cheese. We met one of the cheesemakers a few months ago, when he came up to Burlington to market the brand, and it sounds like a really nifty operation. The cheese has small white grains in it; it's made in a traditional Vermont farmhouse style that is really flavorful, kind of like a cheddar. It was a bit surreal to browse the cheese company's website while eating its product. Two carrots I bought at the Burlington farmers' market and a bunch of plain, unadorned blueberries wrapped up the noon eats.

Bread and blueberries, and plenty of water to drink. So far, not a particularly varied diet! I hope to get to the store soon to see if I can have meat and potatoes tonight, with maybe a green salad.


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Ann-Elise wants us to join you in your challenge for a week. I say that's fine, as long as she does the shopping and cooking, and as long as I can still sneak an iced mocha or two.

Is there a chocolate covered Marco Polo exception?

don eggert

That cheese sounds yummy. Did you buy it at City Market or something? S

Suggestion: more pics! Rip 'em from the websites you go to if that makes it easy. Ideally, I think you should take a snappy of each of your meals. It doesn't have to be a work of art, but it could be! Also, well-presented food tasted better. Good luck!

Meghan Dewald

Good idea, Don! I need to start carrying my camera around, or at least bring one home so I'll have it handy.

And Cathy, it's awesome that you guys might join in! The shopping hasn't been that difficult so far, since a lot of local shops and markets are very much on board with Eat Local month, but it's been a bit pricey. I hope to post on that topic soon.

nicole & eric

Don't be wistful!

Last night we made a fritata with local eggs, onion, potatoes, tomatoes and arugula. Life is good.

Xian Dewald

Wow, lots of I just need to move to VT for all the produce. Down in TX I'd be stuck eating citrus fruit and deer-feed corn...and that's about it. lol

Perhaps I'll try the localvore challenge a bit later in the year, when it's not so hot all our food-stuffs aren't coming from Mexico.

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