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April 19, 2007

My Opening Salvo

So begins a new chapter in the Hackie saga . . .

Ten years ago, this month, the first Hackie column was published. The column was sparked by the notion that my life - the day-to-day world of a Burlington cab driver - might provide fertile ground for an ongoing series of stories. How long would it run for? I had no idea. But before I knew it, the months turned into years, and now I've lasted longer than the Beatles. And there's no end in sight! Sheeeesh . . . .

Through the years I've received so many notes and emails from readers of these stories. My experience is that the typical Hackie fan is a pretty thoughtful soul with a lot of valuable insight into the collective work-in-progress known as life.

Hence, this new blog: "Yo, Hackie!." I conceive of it as a place where Hackie fans can interact with me and one another. For my part, I look forward to a venue where I can share things in a more free-wheeling form than occurs in the column. Every Hackie story is painstakingly crafted over a two-week period into a complete self-contained little epic. (Like what the famous record producer Phil Spector called his "wall of sound" productions: "Little symphonies for the kids.") I actually have a lot more to say than comes out in the columns, and I think this more informal setting might be just the ticket.

Because the Hackie columns condense sometimes a whole life into about 1,000 words, readers are often curious about the "before and after" of the story. The "Yo, Hackie!" blog might be a good spot for me to get into that.

The 7D website editor - the glorious Cathy Resmer - has suggested that I carry around a camera and snap away during my cab shifts. Then, through the miracle of modern technology (which she promises to reveal to me), I can post cool photos on the blog. Imagine that . . .

It is my hope that the discussions that evolve around this blog will be open-minded and open-hearted, non-partisan and kind. With the best of my ability, that's what I try to bring to the columns, and I hope that spirit will find its way into the blog.

On a closing note, I want to invite and encourage those folks who have not before participated in the on-line community. Please share your wisdom, whimsy and delights:  we're all on this boat together!

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Welcome to the blogosphere, my friend. I look forward to continuing to read about your adventures. All the best.

Posted by: Slice | Apr 24, 2007 1:09:28 PM

Cabbie blogs are my favorite. is a great one and there is one from Las Vegas that I like a lot too.
Of course, your 7Days columns rival Freyne for the best column in the paper ... so I'm looking forward to the blog ...
Keep the meter running.

Posted by: Backseat Driver | Apr 24, 2007 1:21:00 PM

WOW! I am so excited about this blog! Love the color scheme, it fits you well! I am wondering why the Omnivore is remaining anonymous and you are posting a picture (instead of hiding behind a cab!)?! Is Hackie coming out of the closet (cab)???

Looking forward to seeing your pictures and to your future posts. This blog format is a great way to catch up on Hackie thoughts and interact too. Yippeee!

Posted by: Eva | Apr 25, 2007 11:38:36 AM

Fantastic! Welcome to Blogworld, Jernigan. You have such a great outlook on the daily adventure of life. It'll be great to read and share your daily (nightly) experiences and the occasional joys and sorrows of the subjects of your column.

I'll be looking for it and expect that it will be a spirit lifting experience.


Posted by: Randomarrow | Apr 25, 2007 12:33:17 PM


You've inspired me to respond to a blog for the first time ever, and I don't have an inspired techie editor to help!

Great to see more of your writings and so often I have wanted to respond to your columns, now I can. The Imus issue really is the same as the Stewed Prune, is it not? Others cannot assume your compliance for their convenience.

I wonder if these people see themselves in your articles and respond with shame or pride? Perhaps that is the next best thing to throwing them out!

Posted by: Hailer | Apr 27, 2007 10:42:36 PM

Thank you Slice, Blogger, Eva, Backseat Driver (how appropriate is that?) and Hailer (another good one) for your collective warm welcome to the BlogWorld.

Anytime you start a new project is a challenge, so it's heartening to know there are friends out there.

If you think of a subject for me to tackle, cabdriving or otherwise, lemme know . . .

peace out, jernigan

Posted by: Jernigan Pontiac | May 1, 2007 12:37:44 PM

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