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May 22, 2007

Cry Cry Cry

Since the coming of DVD's, I operate as a typical 4 year-old, watching the movies I love over and over and over again. For instance, I've seen Bowfinger one million times. This Steve Martin movie somehow slipped under the radar when it was initially released, but, for my money, it's one of the all-time inspired film comedies, with brilliant performances by Steve, Eddie Murphy (playing two roles!) and Heather Graham.

But when it's time for a good cry, I mean a three-hankie extravaganza, there's a pair of movies that do the trick for me.

In 1998, Susan Sarandon, Ed Harris and Julia Roberts came together for Stepmom, an achingly tender movie about love and how it never really dies. Many might find this fare overly schmaltzy, but - hey - I weep every time I see it.

The Bridges of Madison County is an unusual case of a fabulous movie coming out of a so-so, albeit super-popular book. Credit the director, the amazing Clint Eastwood, who also co-starred with Meryl Streep. The chemistry between the two of them is electric and it's totally adult sexuality, kind of rare in American movies. The ending scene, with Meryl in her car, in the rain, longing for Clint with every molecule in her body, is so very, very moving. Sob, just thinking about it.

Let me end by throwing in a third movie from 1983, a story about the resurrection of the soul, starring Robert Duvall. Aptly titled, Tender Mercies, I'd have to say that this film has helped me keep on track as a human being. It's good medicine for the soul. And, yeah, it'll have you in tears.

What are the movies that make you cry? And why?

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It takes a big man to admit to watching Stepmom, never mind confessing that it reduces you to a blubbering emotional wreck. I can relate though: The same thing happens to me whenever I watch Field of Dreams or Terms of Endearment. And yet I can't get enough of them.

Consider yourself hugged,
Rick Kisonak

PS I get tapes from studios via Federal Express almost every day & I never rip one open without remembering fondly how badly Steve Martin's Bowfinger character wanted to some day be on the receiving end. That was a nice touch.

Posted by: Rick Kisonak | May 23, 2007 3:23:06 PM

I watched "WATER," the Indian film about a 8 yr old girl who is widowed and her the story of her life. I thougth it was going to be a nice cultural girl power film, but I cried. It was so sad, and true. Need to test your tear ducts, this will make them work. km

Posted by: katharine montstream | Jun 4, 2007 12:08:57 PM

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