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June 16, 2007

Commentary Commentary

This weblog is receiving some very fine comments. But, I want more, I tell you -  more! Wit or eloquence is not a requirement! Heck, I'm rarely witty or eloquent.

I especially want to encourage those who have not before participated on-line. Hackie readers are cool people, and I know you have a lot to say. Feel free to digress beyond the subjects of my postings. Go wherever you want to go . . .

So, let's get with it; let's see those comments. It's fun!

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I don't think that the Hermit Thrush should be Vermont's state bird.

First and most important, they're MIGRATORY. They don't even stick out the winters like the rest of us! They're like... Tarrant. Shouldn't we have a state bird that actually lives here instead of just visiting in the summer?

Their call is annoying and just sounds like a hyperactive child messing around with a pan flute.

Nobody ever sees them! They're totally skittish and neurotic and twitchy. You have to sit stone-still in the woods for hours to catch a glimpse of one.

They're frankly not much to look at.

Vermont deserves a better bird.

Posted by: Molly | Jun 16, 2007 7:02:24 PM

Well, Molly, those are cogent arguements. So what birdie to you nominate in place of the Hermit Thrush?

Posted by: Jernigan Pontiac | Jun 16, 2007 7:13:13 PM

Geezum Crow Vt State Bird!!!

(See Vt Pub coaster for details)

Posted by: Erin | Jun 16, 2007 9:49:12 PM

How about the turkey? Lots of those in Montpelier.

Posted by: pb | Jun 17, 2007 10:22:54 AM

Jeezum Crow gets my vote. No, seriously, I think the American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) should be the Vermont state bird.

They're a native species familiar to everyone.

They live here year round.

They're very intelligent, funny, and hardy. They're terrifically innovative and resourceful - great problem-solvers - topping the avian IQ scale.

They're quite handsome, in my opinion. Coal black with that iridescence blue/violet sheen. Gorgeous.

They're vocalizations, while not "pretty", are very complex and considered by many ornithologists to consitute a very communicative language.

Crows mate for life, and young are cared for by not only BOTH parents, but also older siblings who act as helpers. According to Cornell's Lab of Ornithology: "In most, but not all, populations the young stay with their parents and help them raise young in subsequent years. Families may include up to 15 individuals and contain young from five different years."

See? They're so cool. A much more worthy bird.

Posted by: Molly | Jun 17, 2007 1:14:16 PM

Everybody bitches about the state bird, but nobody DOES anything about it.

My vote is for the Kori Bustard.

It's a fine bird.

Now, who is starting the on-line petition??

Posted by: one_vermonter | Jun 17, 2007 2:37:36 PM

Well, I did actually email our Governor about this once. I got no reply. I think it's possible that don't take this issue very seriously.

Posted by: Molly | Jun 18, 2007 9:25:26 AM

Hmmm . . . I wonder, Molly, what can be more important for our Governator than the state bird?

And, One Vermonter, "Kori Bustard" sounds more like one of the "Little Rascals" than a bird. Of course, I'm just a city kid . . .

Posted by: Jernigan Pontiac | Jun 19, 2007 9:54:20 AM

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