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August 23, 2007


The process of writing the Hackie column of 8/22, "International Man of Mystery," solved nothing for me.

One reason I write - perhaps the main one - is to decipher my world. Getting my thoughts out of my head and onto the page (OK, the screen) usually illuminates and clarifies. If not that, at least it empties out my brain, which is a good thing, too, believe me. But mostly, writing for me is about figuring stuff out.

As I drove the guy featured in this story, I was entirely perplexed over his veracity. Writing the thing hasn't helped; I remain befogged. I keep going back and forth: Was he really in "international finance"? How about Justin Timberlake? Could he possibly be producing his record?

Oh well. If forced to render a verdict, I would have to go with prevarication. Somehow, I think people actually in international finance don't go around saying they're in international finance.

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