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August 07, 2007


The Lime Kiln Bridge spans the Winooski River just before "T-ing out" where Route 15 passes St. Michael's College. The old bridge had been deteriorating for years, this despite two substantial renovations in 1940 and 1991. It was built in 1913, and, owing to its tremendous height in relation to the river, was I believe the only Winooski River bridge to survive the Great Flood of 1927. With its high, graceful arch, the old bridge was a Vermont beauty.

Construction began on the new bridge a couple years ago. In part because closing this road during construction would have been so disruptive, an entirely new structure was built just yards east of the original bridge which remained open until the new one was ready for traffic.Img_0106_2 (The old one was then dismantled.) And because of the historical significance of the original, the new bridge incorporated the beloved, though functionally unnecessary, arch support.

In 2006, Road & Bridges magazine named our bridge one of "Top 10 bridge projects in North America." Considering the thousands of bridges constructed yearly, this is an amazing honor!

So, the new Lime Kiln Bridge has been up and running for months. There remains a little landscaping and sidewalking to be done, but, basically, it's complete.Img_0122  It's gorgeous - both the structure itself and the views of the river and mountains it showcases. The one drawback is the position of the arch:  It's hidden beneath the roadbed, only visible if you climb down below as I did to snap these photos. I recommend a Sunday morning visit. The bridge and vistas are breathtaking.





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Is it true that you are running for governor of the state of Vermont?
If so, what issues will you highlight in your campaign?
Isn't it time for a professional Hack to get into Vermont politics?

Posted by: Jernigan '08 | Aug 9, 2007 9:36:02 PM

I don't know how this has gotten out - maybe an investigative reporter? - but, yes, it's official:
I am challenging Jim Douglas in '08.

My platform is threefold. First plank: Sex. Second plank: Drugs. Third plank: Rock & Roll! That and solving the education funding conundrum.
And, my first proclamation: Mandatory state-wide marshmallow fights every other Thursday.

My campaign tagline: In 'O8 - skip the lackey, vote for hackie. (Or something like that.)

Posted by: Jernigan Pontiac | Aug 9, 2007 10:13:11 PM

If you sold t-shirts with that tag-line, I'd buy one for everyone I know.

This campaign has the potential to be as great as Montgomery Brewster's and Fred Tuttle's combined.

Jernigan Pontiac ... because our future is at stake ... or at steak. Yum. Steak.

(paid for by Recruit Jernigan '08.)

Posted by: Recruit Jernigan '08 | Aug 10, 2007 12:56:35 PM

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