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January 29, 2008

Alison in My Mind

Sad to report, my TV addiction rolls on unabated. The writer's strike is killing me - killing me, I tell you. New episodes of my favorite shows (all 26 of them) are beginning to dry up, and I'm not big on the reality shows which carry on unaffected by the strike. (Which I don't quite understand; the so-called reality shows are scripted as well. I think the Writer's Guild may have granted an exemption.) If pressed, I will watch "American Idol" but only because I consider it my duty as an American.

Anyway . . .

We just went through a period of fund-raising for the public TV stations, yielding a cornucopia of fabulous musical concerts. I've seen concert footage of Eric Clapton, both solo and with his old buddies in Cream, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Roy Orbison - the list goes on.

One of those fund-raising shows featured a tribute to James Taylor. Many of his admirers, major singer-songwriters in their own right, took the stage to play a James Taylor tune, and every performance was inspired.

My favorite brought on stage the inimitable Alison Krauss, an angel, I'm convinced, who has graciously descended from the higher planes to lift our hearts with her voice and music. Along with her slide guitar player, she performed an early tune, one of those James Taylor compositions that makes you want to weep with heartache and joy at the same time. This version by Alison is, to me, moving beyond belief. Enjoy:

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Yo Hackie,
What do you think of Lost? You think it's jumped the shark?

Posted by: | Jan 31, 2008 9:52:38 AM

Passenger: Oddly (given my prolific viewing habits), I've only watched "Lost" peripherally. I'm just not a big science-fictiony guy. But what a great premise for a show. I remember a commentary from Stephen King saying it was the best of this genre on television since the "Twilight Zone." His advice to the producers: End the series sooner rather than later, while it's still percolating with tension and believabilty. Alas, it seems this admonition went unheeded, because the consensus is the shark has indeed been jumped.

Posted by: Jernigan Pontiac | Jan 31, 2008 12:19:03 PM

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