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January 13, 2008

Appreciate Your Woman

Last night, on my way to the Treetop Condos, two female friends in the back seat of the taxi:

So, Ken walks through the door, you know he was on that Boston trip, and I'm, like, Oh, honey, I'm so glad to see you, and he's, like, Yeah, me too, and he gives me this little kiss.

Oooh, really? That's rough.

It hurt. I just wanted a nice, long hot kiss. That's all. I mean, we'd been apart for, like, four days! And then, today, I curled my hair which I hadn't done for a while and he didn't say anything. Just even, Hon, you look real good. Nothing! I'm sure he didn't even notice.

Yeah, Dawn, but, like, Ken's really a good guy. You know that.

But he can be impossible! Remember at Ri Ra's last weekend, with the guy with the two diamond earrings?

I sure do. He was definitely one of those guys.

But kind of cute, in a way.

I didn't say he wasn't cute.

Anyway, Ken was getting, like, so jealous, like this guy was trying to get into my pants or something, which he so wasn't. Well, maybe he was, 'cause I am kinda pretty.

Dawn, I love you, girl. I wish we had a recorder. You're, like, I am kinda pretty.


So - I'm here to report that Dawn was kinda pretty, and Ken better get with the program before another guy, diamond earringed or not, swoops in and does things right . . .

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