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February 19, 2008

Hope is a Muscle

Coming into downtown last Friday night, the air began to feel electric. Something was happening out in the streets and it was palpable - the whole taxi-load of people could feel it.Img_0289

As the corner of Church and Main came into view, we could see at least 50 people jamming the intersection. They were waving home-made signs and calling out joyously to passing cars. It was an Obama rally.

We've all seen candidate supporters engaged in this campaign ritual. But doesn't it always seem a little forced - the rigid smiles, the over-enthusiasm? These Barrackites broke that mold. These folks were for real. Whether you supported their man or not, there was no mistaking the genuine fervor.Img_0291

Most passersby responded positively to the rally, but one grim guy paused his car and yelled out, "You people are morons! Don't you know that Obama is a fraud?"

One of the campaign people, a diminutive middle-aged woman, looked right at the guy and said, "We love you."

So, you gotta love that.

Once in a generation, if we're lucky, a politician arrives with the potential to do great things. In my lifetime, it was John Kennedy - and, well . . .Img_0292

I don't know if Obama has what it takes to effectuate the hopes and dreams he so magnificently inspires. But, my goodness - isn't it worth a shot?

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Like you, I remember the way I felt about JFK and it's deja vu all over again. He was the first president that I voted for and I have not been proud of any president since. I was 23 when he died. I can't help but follow that feeling and take that shot, as you put it. I will never regret voting for Jack and I will never regret voting for Barack - no matter how it turns out.

Posted by: Bruce Cunningham | Feb 21, 2008 8:31:30 AM

Bruce, that was really well put and moving. I'm a decade younger than you, and the politician that most captured my imagination was Bobby Kennedy. When he was murdered I was in a complete daze for a week; it broke my heart.

Posted by: Jernigan Pontiac | Feb 21, 2008 10:46:06 AM

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